Werbeanzeige aus einer amerikanischen Zeitschrift, aus dem Jahr 1979

Und das stand dort zu lesen .........

" a professional
studio recorder
with a handle"

"Revox new B77 is long onn performances and short on Mickey Mouse featuresd"

That is what Herb Friedman said about the ReVox B77 in HiFi Stereo Buyers' Guide. If you're a serious audiophile or location recordist you'll be interrested what Herb has to say.

In addition to evaluating products for HiFi Stereo Buyers Guide Herb Friedman is chief engineer for Tridac Electronic Laboratories and a major New York radiostation. As sutch ..............

Studer Revox America Inc.
1819 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 / (615) 329-9576
In Canada Studer Revox Canada Ltd.

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