Werbeanzeige aus einer amerikanischen Zeitschrift, aus dem Jahr 1978
Und das stand dort zu lesen .........

real to reel ...
sounds best on ReVox B77

Real to reel means live performance recording, and that's where the Revox B77 dramatically demonstrates superiority over other tape recorders. Only the B77 has the wide dynamic range and generous recording headroom you need to capture compromise the full detail and dimension of live music.

Only the B77 delivers the "ruler flat" frequency response you get from Will Studer's legendary head design. Only the B77 combines the convenience to push button digital logic control of tape motion, professional VU-Meters with build in peak level indicators and a self contained tape cutter/splicer.

I you're thinking about of upgrading your reel to reel performance, try the Revox B77. It's available in half or quarter track, 3 3/4 - 7 1/2 or 7 1/2 - 15 IPS. For complete Information and list of demonstrating dealers, circle reader service number or contact us at the address shown below.

Studer Revox America Inc.
1819 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 / (615) 329-9576
In Canada Studer Revox Canada Ltd.

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