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Handling of magnetic recording tapes
In general no special attention is required in caring for the tape as a magnetic storage medium. However, his does by no means imply that the tape cannot be damaged by improper handling...............

Þ Recommendations from the Revox A77 MK IV operating instruction manual

Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling - A Guide for Libraries ana Archives

Sticky tapes ........
The ageing of magnetic tape concerns everyone. Even as you read this, a DAT tape is waiting to clog the heads of your most difficult-to-clean-machine.
Don’t attempt to play a "vintage" tape before reading some of this articles! In order to expect full recovery, tapes that have been shelved for an extended period deserve special treatment just like a scuba diver must slowly return to the surface.

Analog tape restoration: If I knwew you were coming I'd have baked a tape

Curing sticky tape problems by baking

Baking tapes

How I solved the case of the squeaking tape

EMTEC (BASF) Audio Tape

The official archiving and handling recommendations for professional user from one of the best manufactor of audio tapes.

Þ BASF information sheet

When should the recording heads of a Revox tape recorder replaced?

To look at the recorder heads will give you a rough estimate in what conditions this parts are without any electronic measurement.

Þ Information about this parts of a Revox tape recorder

Track positions - 2-track and 4-track

For a reel to reel tape recorder fan it is basic to know the track positions of 2-track and 4-track recording. We found a quite good description in one of the older Revox A77 handling instruction manuals.

Þ Track positions

Instructions for use of
REVOX Tape Head Cleaning Kit

The Revox Tape Head Kit enables the user of a Revox Tape Recorder to maintain the Tape Heads and all parts of the tape path in a clean condition

Þ Instructions for the Tape Head Cleaning Kit

Splicing tapes
With Scotch No. 41 Splicing Tape you can make noise-free and permanent splices. Splicing is easy with Scotch No. 41 Splicing Tape, made especially for splicing

Þ Scotch Tape No 41 - Information

The official homepage of the Revox Company
Here finds the Revox fan all about the actual program of Revox, information and the addresses Revox services world-wide

The official REVOX homepage

The Revox partners are able to give you the best after sales service and provide you with all necessary spare parts within a very short period of time.
If you need additional information, please contact these people directly.
Direct to the addresses of the official Revox services word-wide

Studer - Professional Audio Equipment
The Swiss based company Studer is one of the leaders world-wide for professional audio. Founded by Willi Studer in 1948, over the years the company and its brand name Studer became synonymous for broadcasting and recording equipment. Today Studer is able to offer solutions for nearly every application in the field of Professional Audio.
A Harman International Company

The STUDER homepage


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