Revox B77 MK I <-> MK II
What is the difference?

From an extra sheet of the B77 MK II instruction manual

Starting with serial number 100001 the REVOX B77 Tape Recorder is manufactured in a MKII version.

Compared with the preceeding MK I model, the MKII offers the following additional facilities:

The operating controls to vary tape speed from the selected nominal speed are located under the front flap to the right of the pinch roller. Variable tape speed operation is activated by pressing the button "variable speed". By turning the rotary control to either + or -, tape speed can be increased or reduced from nominal by 10%. This variation corresponds to a pitch change of 2 semi tones approximately in either direction, thus making it possible to match the reproduction of a recording to the tuning of an existing musical instrument (e.g. piano).

Important note

Variable speed operations is possible during recording as well. For recordings which are not intentionally to be made with non Standard speed, make sure that the button "variable speed" is in its released position, otherwise the tape recorder may not run at the selected nominal tape speed.

Cueing position

For tape editing, operate the sliding button CUE as described in point 5 / page 5 of the operating instructions. On the MKII version, the head shield (lid) an the reproducing head will not close in the editing mode, thus permitting easy access to the tape for marking of the desired edit point. The additional manipulation of having to open the head shield manually is not required therefore.

Revox sheet, April 1981

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