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recording everything
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1 Separate spooling motors of original high torque, low weight construction. 2 Sealed mains input selection and cabinet safety links socket. 3 Fully electronically stabilized power supply circuit. 4 Capstan motor servo control panel maintaining speed accuracy to better than 0,2% and incorporating electronic speed change from 71/2 to 33/4 ips. 5 Read head of capstan motor. 6 Tape transport logic control circuit panel. 7 Plug-in relays controlling all functions and eliminating damages from inadvertent mishandling. 8 Plug-in audio input/output amplifiers. 9 Plug in 120 Kc/s bias oscillator obviates multiplex interference. 10 plug-in record relay. 11 Unique multi-bank micro switch unit providing on-off, speed and spool size/tension variations on one control. 12 Professional practice glass-fibre panel with integral gold plated switch contacts. 13 Capstan motor of patented construction, cool running, low current consumption and wow and flutter better than international broadcast requirements.

New from the Willi Studer Factory comes the revolutionary Model 77 incorporating design developments based on experience gained in the broadcasting field with the 37 and 62 Series Studer machines. The 77 is a studio quality machine compactly presented and offering features unique in this price class including total indifference to fluctuations in mains supply periodicity. With a wow and flutter level below broadcasting standard requirements plus linear response from 20 - 20.000 Hz at 71/2 ips. ( 2 db) and an ultra low noise level, this new Revox will fulfill virtually every scientific and industrial requirement in the second band.

Revox. Lamb House, Church Street, Chriswick, W4 2PB - Telephone 01-995 4551
Also in USA and Canada
Revox Corporation, 155 Michael Drive, Syosset. N.Y. 11791 USA and
3637 Cahuenga Blvd. West Hollywood, Calif. 90068
Tri-tel Associates Limited, Toronto, Canada

(Remark: Historical advertisement from the end of the 60s. The addresses may not be correct any longer.)

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