Revox A77 MK III
Description from a ReVox brochure

Revox A77 MK III

An improved version of the critically acclaimed A77.
A professional recorder for the discriminating enthusiast.

The new REVOX A77 MK lll is the best recorder that REVOX has ever made. A unique synthesis of reliable electronics and precision mechanics. It sets a new standard in tape recorder design and performance. While fully capable of meeting the most rigorous studio demands, its ease of operation also makes it the perfect choice for the serious enthusiast.

Ergonomic design for (instinctive) operation

Operating elements systematically laid out and functionally grouped
- Feathertouch push buttons (relay controlled) for all Transport functions
- All functions can be remote controlled (optional) o Accurately calibrated VU meters with special lights to indicate record mode

1. Rugged die-cast frame and head-block assembly guarantee precise alignment and trouble free operation.

2. Professional plug-in electronics with pre-set controls allow each REVOX to be adjusted for optimum performance.


- Dual inputs for front or rear microphone connection plus switchable choice of matching impedance either high or low
- Professional three-head design for on / off tape monitoring as well as provision for mixing, multi- track and echo effects- Reel motor defeat switch for manual reel handling during editing
- 10" reels for longer uninterrupted recording time
- Exceptionally smooth fast forward and rewind speeds thanks to professional three motor design and servo braking system
- Headphone monitoring available on front panel with stereo balance and volume control
- Selectable tension for large or small spool operation.

Still ahead of its time

REVOX has been an innovator in tape recorder design for almost twenty years. Among the first to pioneer a three motor tape deck for home use, REVOX was the first to offer:
- An electronically regulated (servo) capstan motor
- Capstan system of one revolving part construction. No belts or idler wheels are employed. Speed change effected electronically
- Electromagnetic serve braking system
- Optical end-of-tape switch o Electromagnetic pressure roller
- 50 or 60 Hz operation without any adjustment Speed stability better than broadcast requirements, even with varying supply voltages common under adverse operating conditions.

The result: An exceptionally quiet, smooth running machine, with very low wow and flutter and a high degree of reliability.

Servo controlled capstan motor
With the development of an electronically governed capstan motor, Revox has once again pioneered in the field of magnetic recording. By means of a tacho-head reading the 120 teeth in the outer bell of the motor, speed accuracy is maintained at an unprecidented 0.2%. Furthermore, the speed consistancy is completely independent of the normal voltage frequency and fluctuation. This design also allows accurate electronic speed change, effected by means of one simple low current switch ensuring high reliability and long life.

No compromise electronics

- Separate (all silicon) preamplifiers for record and playback coupled to all-metal fully-shielded heads
- Special circuitry to suppress all switching clicks and pops
- High overload margin virtually guarantees clean, distortion free recordings
- Extremely high bias oscillator frequency (120 kHz)
- Regulated power supply insures electronically stabilized operating voltages
- High quality epoxy plug-in boards throughout, plus generously rated components assure long, trouble free life.

Revox A77 Tape Recorder in line with the Revox A76 Tuner and the Revox A78 Amplifier

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